School For The Dogs Training Club

Get personalized, expert guidance to conquer city living with your puppy or adult dog.

What Makes Training Club unique?

  • Accountability: You have work, want to spend time with your friends and now training you need to fit into it all. Find the push you need to balance it all.
  • Weekly Group Coaching: Led by a certified trainer, you'll get tailored advice as well as learn from your community of fellow city dog owners who are going through the same things as you. Every Tuesday at 7 PM ET and Thursday at 6 PM ET.
  • Interactive, On-Demand Lessons: Don't spend any more time trying to apply generalized training advice to your specific situation. We know exactly what problems you face living in the city face, and we have made a tailored blueprint for them.
  • 24-Hour Trainer Chat: You need answers when you have a question, not in 2 weeks. Chat with our trainers and expect a detailed response within 24 hours. Nip issues in the bud so they don't get worse.

"The progress is so notable that every month I look forward to the class because I know that there's going to be some positive change that I'll actually be able to see, and my relationship with Tilda has gotten much better. SFTD has been instrumental in helping me bond with my dog and I would think that anybody who's in my particular situation should definitely seek out regular training opportunities.” - Nick L.