School For The Dogs Training Club

Conquer city living with your dog. Get personalized, expert guidance live and on-demand!

Navigate city life with your dog like a pro!

What Makes Training Club unique?

  • Personalized Help: Check in one-on-one monthly with a trainer who will help you set goals and customize a training plan to help you optimize exactly what to work on every day with your dog.
  • Accountability: Tackle urban-centric dog challenges with a monthly trainer-led challenge designed to help you focus and structure your dog's training time in order to get results (and have fun, to boot!).
  • Weekly Group Coaching: Benefit from weekly group coaching calls with certified trainers. Tailored advice in a small-group setting.
  • 24-Hour Trainer Chat: Got a question during your late-night walk? Chat with our trainers and expect a detailed answer within 24 hours..
  • Community of City Slickers: Connect with fellow urban dog owners, share stories, and learn from shared experiences.
  • Goodies: Receive the monthly Training Club box containing an enrichment toy, plush toy, treats and more from our NYC shop.

"The progress is so notable that every month I look forward to the class because I know that there's going to be some positive change that I'll actually be able to see, and my relationship with Tilda has gotten much better. SFTD has been instrumental in helping me bond with my dog and I would think that anybody who's in my particular situation should definitely seek out regular training opportunities.โ€ - Nick L.